1. Silence The Messenger (Facebook Bandpage) →

    Hey, you guys should really go check this band out. Their 2012 teaser sounds amazing, and so do all of their other songs (Just Like Drowning<3). They come from the same great place as Upon a Burning Body, and sound just as great.

    - Rich


    "Executioner is a one man band, Michael Mitaritonna. Pissed off, morbid, and heavy, Executioner shows no remorse to bring forth those qualities, Consisting of insanely heavy breakdowns, catchy two steps, and fast paced blast beats, you won’t be disappointed."

    Seriously, go check him out on Facebook. This dude is fucking amazing, especially for a one man band. PLUS he has a 15-track album that he’s releasing today! I’ll edit this post later when it comes out. AWWW YEAH, here it is!

    - Rich

  3. Band: Miseration
    Song: Dreamdecipher
    Album: The Mirroring Shadow 

    Swedish death metal :D and apparently these guys are technically maybe Christian, too… Huh, didn’t know that. I was sad to see Christian Alvestam go from Scar Symmetry, but hey, he’s done well with himself ;)

    - Rich

  4. Band: Aversions Crown
    Song: Repurposed - Reprogrammed
    Album: Servitude

    Australian tech death ftw.

    - Rich

  5. Band: Spawn of Abaddon
    Song: Revelation
    Album: Gaia EP

    These guys are really good. The only thing missing is a vocalist, and they’re looking for one. If you can do vocals, or know someone who can, hit them up!

    - Rich

  6. Band: The Last Felony
    Song: Too Many Humans
    Album: Too Many Humans
    Facebook || Lyrics

    You’ve got to at least admit the song and album titles apply to the world today haha.

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    - Rich